Mark Staab started as a pit crew member for the Lynn Brothers Pulling Team. The pulling team had great success in brush pulling around Wisconsin and decided to step it up and build a Grand National pulling tractor. Their success didn’t stop there. In 1988 and 1989 with an 8210 Ford named “Notorious”, hair the team won two back to back Grand National titles. Mark Staab pulled together his 22 years of experience working on farm tractors and pulling vehicles and began a business known as Staab Machine Inc.

Staab Machine incorporated in 1990, phimosis specializing in custom performance parts. At first, Staab Machine worked with stock component parts; modifying them to output more power. Gradually we moved away from stock parts to manufacturing our own as we gained new knowledge.

In 1997, Staab Machine moved to its present facility in Marshfield, Wisconsin.

The move provided needed expansion, with more area and new technology. With our new equipment, we could provide more manufactured parts with better performance. Among this equipment is a state-of-the-art flow bench. This advanced our knowledge of air flow for cylinder heads and manifolds. In return, we could port cylinder heads to flow more air. Also, with the help of our new CNC equipment, and state-of-the-art CAD/CAM software we were able to produce our new line of product, billet cylinder heads for diesel and alcohol tractors.

Besides tractor pulling, Staab Machine extends its know how into manufacturing components for industry. With an entire fabrication shop and machine shop we have the flexibility and the equipment to produce many different products. We have served the medical, food processing, construction, and many other industries.

Today, Staab Machine’s goals are the same as they were when it began; to make quality, parts, and to never stop inventing better products for our customers. Staab Machine continues its goals producing parts for top Grand National pullers down to antique tractor pullers.